Amaresh Tripathy
Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Anecdotes are great but what does the data say?

Analyze 20M job postings over 16 month period and some interesting insights come out (

01. AI Scientists and ML engineer demand is growing. Biggest losers are front end engineers and data engineers!. Data Scientists have been fairly resilient

02. Salary ranges however, are flat adjusting for inflation; and given the supply - likely that the software engineering will not see massive jumps in near term

03. NLP is the most desired skillset with anything LLM related going through the roof- chatbot anyone!

04. Rust is gaining ground, React is taking share from Angular for front end. Python remains resilient as the de facto ML programming language

05. And while, large tech companies which did massive laying offs of software engineers are hiring back, there is no evidence that they are hiring more AI engineers than others. They are just hiring across the board. Maybe they are upgrading talent and cleaning up from the bad hiring practices of 2021

The headline is however clear: If you are graduating to become a software engineer or an existing software engineer; you will do well to add more AI skills. At least, that is what the data says. 

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