Enterprise velocity is driven by two critical factors: the agility and nuance of the enterprise strategy, and the dynamism of its processes. While digital transformation initiatives often focus on digitizing and incrementally improving business processes, many end up emphasizing cost reduction over speed. However, it is the “faster” aspect—achieved through process reimagination—that often defines market leadership.

We believe that today’s advanced technologies offer unprecedented opportunities to reimagine work and ways of working

Tasks : Automated using Generative AI (GenAI)

Judgment : Enhanced through advanced analytics

Performance : Optimized with statistical analysis and AI

Our platform helps enterprises realize faster, better, and cheaper processes through innovative data engineering, rapid analytical workflows, and advanced AI-driven scheduling and planning.

Damia: AI Capabilities For Your Enterprise

Damia is an enterprise AI studio designed to rapidly develop full-stack AI solutions for business
processes. Our platform offers three core capabilities:


Damia provides guided templates, prompt libraries and a no-code/low-code interface that makes it very easy to build your AI application.

  • Start testing your prototype within days.
  • Choose from a list of the most common agent templates for a quickstart.
  • Capture feedback and iterate rapidly to build your AI application.

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Develop your custom Intelligent Agent that uses state-of-the-art Damia stack. Damia provides connectors for the most common internal and external data sources. 

  • Use pre-built ingestion strategies to transform your data for your AI application.
  • Connect your agents to multiple data sources to provide a seamless knowledge discovery experience.
  • Choose from a list of vector database that fits your use case requirements.to create a trustworthy, reliable and scalable experience. 

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Damia provides the ability to deploy your AI application in a secure and trustworthy manner.

  • Get complete transparency on each step performed by the AI model to generate the response.
  • Use our default guardrail settings to implement responsible AI controls with a click of a few buttons.
  • Create custom controls that can include your internal policies in the application guardrails.

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Traditional digital transformation efforts aim to make processes faster, better, and cheaper. Yet, they frequently overlook the potential of reimagining how work gets done to truly enhance speed. This oversight leads to significant opportunity loss, as the ability to move faster is often the primary driver of competitive advantage.

Processes are composed of steps: tasks, judgment, and performance. Tasks are rule-based actions, such as rerouting a customer to lower fares based on ticket category. Judgment involves handling edge cases and exceptions, requiring nuanced decision-making, such as managing customer rerouting after a major flight delay. Performance encompasses the managerial aspect of task assignment and productivity review.

Faster Time to Value

Accelerate your AI adoption and time-to-deliver with Damia:


Access a prebuilt and reusable enterprise asset catalog

Ease of use

Leverage template configurations for streamlined deployment


Deploy applications natively on Damia or automatically push them into the enterprise environment for seamless, touchless integration

Our architecture adds abstraction across multiple GenAI LLM technologies and ERPs, enabling easy adaptation to the most appropriate technology based on specific use cases and commercial considerations.

Proven Impact for
Fortune 500 Enterprises

Damia is already making a significant impact across various industries, helping Fortune 500 companies achieve:



commercial quote-to-close in a B2B sales environment.



workforce training time in a professional services setting.



cost-to-resolve in a customer-case process