Software Engineer - Frontend - Senior Associate/Manager

4-6 years, Full Time

Role Summary

We are looking for Software Engineers with experience building scalable and reliable cloud native services. As a Software Engineer, you will be working on the development of AuxoAI's state-of-the-art AI platform that is used by our clients in some of the most critical areas that directly impact their key business metrics. Additionally, you are required to stay up to date on AI trends and best practices, sharing knowledge with the team to foster continuous learningand improvement. If you are proactive, self-motivated, and passionate about AI, this role offers an excitingopportunity to make a meaningful impact and drive business transformation.


  1. Responsible for building uniqueuser experiences acrosssolutions and platforms that leverage state-of-the- art AI/ML models
  2. Design and implement the architecture for complex SPAs ensuring high performance and responsiveness
  3. Develop reusable components and libraries for future use.
  4. Collaborate with UX/UI designers to translate designsand wireframes into high-quality code
  5. Implement and advocate for best practices in frontend development, including code standards, testing and documentation
  6. Develop and maintain automated tests to ensure code qualityand reliability
  7. Implement securitybest practices and ensure compliance with data protection regulations


  1. Experience in building performant applications in React or Angularor Vue.js.
  2. In-depth understanding of HTML5/CSS3.
  3. Strong understanding of NodeJS.
  4. Experience in using librariessuch as Bootstrap, Tailwind
  5. Experience in building applications using server-side renderingframeworks such as Next.js
  6. Experience in deploying applications on cloud and using CDNs
  7. Experience in CI/CD setup for frontendapplications
  8. Experience in frameworks such as React Native for mobile app development
  9. Strong understanding of Sales, Order Management, Finance, and CustomerService processes.
  10. Experience with ERP systemsand CRM platforms, particularly those that support Sales and CustomerService functions.