Devops Engineer - Dataiku - Senior Associate

3-6 years, Full Time

Role Summary

AuxoAI is seeking an experienced DevOps Engineer with a strong background in cloud infrastructure, automation, and observability tools. The idealcandidate will have expertise in configuring, optimizing, and deploying DataikuDSS in AWS environments. You will play a pivotal role in our DevOps projects, collaborating with cross-functional teams to build scalable infrastructure, integrate machine learning models, and ensure high system reliability and performance.

Leveraging your expertise in cloud technologies, digital transformation, and AI/ML platforms, you will collaborate closely with clients and internal teams to understand their unique challenges, identify opportunities forimprovement, and designtailored solutions that deliver measurable value.


  1. Dataiku Developers will be responsible to build and manage MLOps Pipeline
  2. They will be involved in data pre-processing, feature engineering, model training, and optimization of machinelearning algorithms along with buildingand maintaining data pipelines and workflows throughDataiku.
  3. They will monitor and manage systemperformance and reliability using observability tools like Prometheus, Grafana, Alert Manager,Splunk (or ETL stack) and Pager Duty.
  4. Design, deploy, and maintaincloud infrastructure on AWS and/orGoogle Cloud
  5. Develop & Integrate RESTfulAPIs to ensure seamless communication between service and applications.
  6. They will work closelywith clients to understand their requirements, tailorsolutions to theirspecific needs, and provide technical guidance and supportthroughout the project lifecycle.
  7. Drive continuous improvement initiatives, proactively identifying areas for optimization and innovation to maximize clientvalue while troubleshooting and optimizing Dataikuperformance and scalability.


  1. Bachelor’s Degree in ComputerScience, Information Technology, Computer Information Systems,or relevant working experience.
  2. Proficiency in Python, R, React, NodeJS,and Jupyter notebooks.
  3. Certification in Dataiku Platform
  4. Experience with Docker or Kubernetes.
  5. Hands-on experience with AWS and/or GCP.
  6. Familiarity with observability tools like Prometheus, Grafana, Alert Manager,Splunk (or ELK stack), PagerDuty.
  7. Strong troubleshooting skills and a keen appetite for learning new technologies.
  8. Good understanding of Unix/Linux operating system internals.